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There are two main portions to your wedding. The ceremony and the reception. While the ceremony is relatively short, your reception will last for hours and your guests will be expecting some form of entertainment. This is a very important consideration for you because if all goes well and people really enjoy your entertainment, the night will go down as a hit in everyone's book. But if your entertainment has your guests running for the exits, you will never live it down. There has always been a huge debate in the wedding field whether it is better to hire a live band or a DJ to entertain the guests that attend a wedding. Sometimes this questions comes down to straight affordability. If you can afford a live band, there is truly nothing like live music at any venue and that includes a wedding. Live music sets a tone and brings an energy that just cannot be duplicated. But we do throw out a warning here. Your reception will be a blast if you hire the find and hire the right professionals. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of bands out there that might sound alright in a garage or playing at a coffee shop, but that doesn't mean that the same band would be right for your wedding. Wedding bands are their own entity. They know how to work a wedding reception in every way possible. And this is the exactly the kind of band that you need for your special day. To help you with your search, we have provided some tips as to how to navigate the live band waters in the Rochester area so that you end up with a band that will make everyone happy and have your guests dancing in the isles.

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out what kind of wedding band would be best. There are many different genres out there, but we suggest that you go with a wedding band that knows how to play a wide variety of music. If you end up with a group that specializes in a subset of music and they don't know much beyond that, you will run the risk of alienating a large portion of your guests. Think about it, grandma and grandpa are probably not going to two-step to Insane Clown Posse. And the last thing that you want are you your guests itching to leave early. You also want a band that has quite a bit of wedding experience. A band like this will understand what needs to be done and why. They will also understand that there is a certain flow to the events of a wedding. And also, they can serve as your emcee.

We recommend that you make sure and hear any band you are considering live before you make any hiring decisions. This way, you will have a chance to see what they are like in front of a live audience and what kind of effect their music and stage presence has on the audience. If you can't arrange to see them live, you could watch some videos of live performances. In addition, you want to make sure that when you interview a particular group, that you are interviewing the actual group who will be performing at your wedding.

Discuss sound quality with the band. Will they be bringing their own equipment or does the venue have equipment? Talk about volume control. While it is great to have those moments that blast everyone away, it is great to have a band that is sensitive to certain moments like eating time. This is a time period when you will want your guests to be able to hear each other. Ask about how they like to operate. Are they a likable group and do they seem to look forward to servicing your wedding? Will they emcee your reception? Do they require a deposit to reserve their services? Once you have interviewed all of the bands you are interested in, you should have one in particular emerge as the one for your wedding.

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