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Let's face it, not every part of wedding planning is enjoyable. Some of the tasks that you need to do are just a downright grind. But if there is one portion of your wedding planning that should be a lot of fun, it is the selection of your wedding cake vendor. Can you say cake tasting session? And the beautiful thing about wedding cakes today as opposed to say 50 years ago is that there are so many options available to you. Couples have really started to break free from old traditions and you can now let your creativity reign supreme. When it comes to looking for your cake designer, we suggest that you start your search about 4 to 6 months ahead of time. Also, try to find a bakery that is near your wedding location. This way there will be less chance of anything going wrong in transporting the cake to your reception site. Now, onto your actual search. It won't take you long before you realize that the Rochester area has some phenomenal cake designers and bakers. To help you narrow down your search to the one for you, we have included some words of wisdom below.

It is true that the really good cake designers tend to have their calendar fill up rather quickly. That is why when you find the one that you really like, you should book them as quickly as possible. Word of mouth is still one of the best source around if not the best. Ask for recommendations from anyone you may know. If you have had any friends or family who were recently married, ask them what they did and who they hired. Have you hired any of your other wedding vendors? If you have then they would also be a great source of potential cake designers. Any names that you end up getting from any source you will want to look up online. Check out their website and portfolio. What are their designs like? Can you see them designing your cake based on what you see? For the designers that have some real potential and that you take a liking to, setup a face to face interview. Ask them about their background and experience level. You want to have a tasting setup as well. There is no substitute for a tasting. You want to make sure that any choices that you make will be include such amazing flavors. If you don't find anything you like at the tasting, we recommend that you step away form that candidate. Consider their personality. The more congenial they are, the more enjoyable an experience it will be for you.

Whoever you decide on, make sure that you ask for a contract to be drawn up that specifies everything that they will be doing for you. Once you have read the contract with a fine toothed comb, make sure that both parties sign. Bring pictures of what you like to your designer. Share your color scheme, d├ęcor, and your theme. Don't be afraid to share everything you can. Show them your dress, your flowers, decorations and anything else that you believe will help your designer. Find out if your designer can meet you at your venue for a walkthrough so you can decide the best possible place for the cake to be setup.

Again, we talked earlier about being trendy and not sticking with the same old same old. Talk to your designer about stepping outside the box. You may want to go with a different shape or color or decorations. This is all part of letting loose and having fun with who you are and making a statement with your wedding cake. As long as you come up with something that your guests will be wowed by in terms of design and taste, it will have been a successful wedding cake day.

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