Wedding Caterer

We know that there are many factors to worry about when planning a wedding. You have to look your best so you will be in search of formalwear. Of course you need a fabulous wedding cake, entertainment, a photographer, and an officiant. But if you look at recent polls, you will find that the one element that guests consistently care the most about is the food. If the food is not to your guests liking, then expect to be the brunt of a joke for years to come. However, if you serve the most amazing dinner at your wedding, you will be complemented on it for years to some. And don't forget about presentation because it does matter. So, as you head out into the Rochester area to look for your wedding caterer, remember how pivotal a role that food plays at a wedding. Here are some tips on what to look for in a wedding caterer.

You need to decide if you want to use your venue's caterer or someone from the outside. Many people like to use a vendor from the outside because it allow them to really gain access to the type of cuisine that you wanted served. You also need to consider the time of day that your wedding and reception are going to be. If your ceremony is earlier in the day and your reception later, you might want to think about having a cocktail hour with some sandwiches to tide your guests over until the real deal. Also, consider whether you are having any guests that are going to need vegetarian dishes. You may want to arrange to have a mix of the two just in case.

Ask any potential caterer that you consider for your wedding whether they have a specialty. Ask to see some of their menus that they have served in past weddings. Are the menus customizable? Ask them what are the best ways that you can save on your catering fee. Quite often, seasonal foods will be less expensive. Make sure that there is a good bit of give and take between you and the caterer that you are talking to. Are they a good listener? Do they take your ideas into account? At the same time, do they have ideas and suggestions that strike you as profitable. Talk for a bit about dessert. Are you going to have a separate dessert table or is your cake going to be considered your dessert.

If your wedding is going to outdoors, then make sure that the caterer knows. Ask them how that would change their plans in terms of preparation and setup. It would be a great idea to do a site walkthrough with your caterer whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding. For any caterer that you are considering, try to find as much feedback as you can. A good source is online, but you can also ask for references and talk to them. You need to have a tasting setup as mentioned above. This is a must. You need to taste every single item that you want on your menu before you even think about booking them. This is your chance to see ahead of time that everything is either fabulous or you can live without them. When you are wowed by one of the caterers that you interview, ask them for a written contract that specifies exactly what services they will be providing to you. They might have packages that they offer and in that case you will want to check them out in detail and find the one that fits your situation perfectly.

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