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Music is one of the most important elements in a wedding is music. It is something that needs to be given some serious thought before your decide what is going to be played and when it is going to be played. There are some couples that have chosen to try and forgo a professional DJ and instead just hooked up an iPod to some speakers and let it play. This may get you some music, but the problem with it is that an iPod cannot interact with an audience or in this case your guests. A talented and experience wedding DJ can perceive when your guests need a little bit of energy or when they need to cool down a bit and they will act on this accordingly in terms of playing something appropriate or talking into the microphone with perfect words for the occasion. An iPod would not have been able to do anything in these situations. And a DJ is about much more than just music. Because they often act as your emcee, they will be a part of announcing all of your special moments at your reception. Or some DJs like to get the crowd into the fun by doing some simple trivia while playing Who wants to be a Millionaire in the background. So, as you can see, there are many services that a professional DJ can provide to your special day. The only thing that we suggest is that you take your time while you seek out potential wedding DJs in the Rochester area. Below is a brief guide as to what to look for in your wedding DJ and what to find out from any candidates you consider. Once you have followed this guide, you will be ready to make your choice.

First things first. You need to find some quality wedding DJs in the Rochester area. Do some online searching. Ask anyone and everyone that you know if they have experienced any phenomenal DJs in the Rochester area. Also, if you have booked your venue, ask the manager if they have any wedding DJs that they could recommend. When you have accumulated a few candidates, setup dates and times to meet each one. Consider this to be a job interview to be your wedding caterer. When you are sitting across the table from each candidate, you need to be prepared with some great questions in order to find out if they are the caterer for you. One of the things that you really want to pay attention to is whether they are a great listener. This is important because you want to be assured that they are hearing you when you tell them your wedding wishes. If you feel that they are blowing you off and only interested in what they want to do for your wedding, then you can cut this candidate loose from your search. They should be more than willing to customize everything to what you want. Make sure that they agree to learn and pronounce the names of your guests correctly.

In terms of song selection, your favorites should be given priority. Do they have the ability to read a crowd and keep the party going? Check out a couple of wedding videos where they are the DJ. How good are they at mixing? Do they have the find of equipment that will allow this? Without mixing, you will end up with a lot of gaps between songs. Make sure that they will coordinate their movements with your venue.

Do they strike you as an organized and creative person? Talk briefly about setup. When will they arrive at your venue? What is the backup plan of their if their equipment fails? What if they can't make it on your wedding day? What do they usually wear to a wedding? If their answer does not meet your needs then you need to have a discussion about that issue right now. All of the hard work that you have put in looking for this all important vendor will pay off when you see your prime candidate emerge.

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