Wedding Florist

There has been an increasing amount of talk about the importance of wedding flowers. Many brides especially are starting to look at flowers and wonder if they are worth the money. Especially since they will be dying in a few days. The question for those that are considering dropping flowers has to be what do you replace them with. Maybe most people don't notice them because they just sit there looking beautiful and even though they are not taking a prominent place they still fill up the area with a rich beauty. Whether most people will admit it or not, flowers do play a pivotal role at a wedding. Your day would not be complete without this d├ęcor element. They are so flexible because of the wide range of options that they can reflect your theme and style with no problem. Ans especially in the hands of a professional florist, magic can be accomplished. And the Rochester has some very talented florists. So, it is up to you to comb the area to find the wedding florist for you. We have provided some helpful hints below that should lead you to the florist of your dreams.

So, where do you find potential florists that you might want to consider to be your wedding florist? Do you know anyone who has recently been married? What about someone who has recently been to a wedding? Have you hired any of your other wedding vendors? All of these are potential sources. For every candidate that you hear about, keep a running list in a notebook. Obviously you also have the world wide web. However you do it, come up with at least 5 potential wedding florists for your job opening. Contact each one and setup a time that you can meet to talk about what they could possibly provide to you in terms of your wedding flowers.

Ask about their background. Where did they receive their training? Are flowers just something they are very passionate about or is it strictly business? Why should you hire them over their competitors? You want to make sure that they show you their portfolio of floral arrangements they have designed for past weddings. Do the designs look like something that you would like as part of your wedding?. How much will they charge for their services? Ask about ways in which you could save money. A high quality florist will know several ways in which you can pull off your wedding flower needs and still keep within your budget. Talk quite a bit about your theme and your color scheme. Hopefully, before your meeting, you have been going through wedding magazines in print or online. You should peruse pages of wedding flowers looking for what you really like and what you do not like. You also want to talk quite a bit about colors and what will go with what. For instance, there are families of flowers that belong within color categories like white, pink, lavender, yellow, and red. Your florist should be able to make some suggestions as to what will go together.

You need to make sure that you have come up with a floral budget before you meet with any of your candidates. Make sure that you share your floral budget with each candidate. Do they think it is possible to design something on the order of what you are looking for and stay within reach of your budget? Are they willing to coordinate setup with your venues? Are they willing to do a venue walk through so you can discuss where everything should be setup? Will they be at your venues on your wedding day? These probing questions should help you discover everything you need to in order to make an informed decision on who your wedding florist should be.

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