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One of the dangers of wedding planning is that there are so many details to try and keep up with that some elements of your wedding can quite possibly fall through the cracks. This is a danger that you will want to make sure and avoid if at all possible. One of the elements that is perceived by many couples as one of the little things is the hiring of an officiant. This is very flawed thinking because since your ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding, then the hiring of your officiant should be considered a very important hire as well. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make sure that all of the events that are part of your ceremony will come off in a very professional manner and your experience together as you say those all important words to each other will be as special as it can possibly be. As you start searching around the Rochester area, take this guide with you in order to focus in on the candidates that are worth considering and eventually the one professional who will give you confidence that all will be well on your big day.

Here is your first warning. Do not and we mean do not hire anyone without meeting with them face to face. This is too important a decision for you to not gauge someone in person. There are some issues that you need to discuss with every officiant that you consider for your wedding. Here are the essential questions that you need to ask. Talk about their philosophy of weddings. What do they think a wedding means in the general scope of society and for couples specifically. What do they feel should be included in every ceremony? How flexible are they in terms of what can be taken out or what can be shifted around? Will they allow you and your fiance to write your own vows? Another absolute must is that they show you a few videos of wedding in which they have operated as the officiant. You should watch these videos with a critical eye and gauge what you really like and what you don't like about how the ceremony proceeds from start to finish. More than likely you will enter your meeting with your own ideas about what elements you would like included. Have an open conversation about your desires and see what their reaction is. If there is something that you really want that they just cannot agree to, then you probably do not have the right candidate for you. On the other hand, they may have a suggestion of something that you never even thought about. Another issue to discuss is whether you are interested in a ceremony with religious language. If this is something that you want and you and your fiance are not from the same faith, then you need to know if the officiant that you are talking to is willing or able to perform your ceremony.

Sometimes there are things that a wedding officiant requires of the couple. For instance, you might have to participate in premarital counseling. In this case you want to make sure that you understand everything that premarital counseling means and involves. Remember, you must obtain the license from a city or town clerk and by law, it is the officiant who must file with the state. And don't forget to ask for references. References in many cases can help you make your decision.

Obviously, you need to know what their services are going to cost you. It should not be exorbitant. Make sure that they are fairly experienced. Find out how many weddings they have officiated? Remember, experience is a great teacher. Make sure that you like the sound their voice. From what you can tell, are they someone who really cares or is it just a job to them? When you are finished applying this guide to all of your candidates, we have no doubt that you will be ready to hire your officiant.

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