Wedding Photographer

For most brides, wedding photography is an absolute must. What is not an absolute must is purchasing an all-inclusive package of products from your wedding photographer. Keep in mind that hiring the service is important because if you don't, you can never go back and make it right. However, if you at least hire the services of a professional for your big day, you can take your digital files with you and purchase products from anywhere at any time down the road. Remember, what makes a professional photographers work so special is skill, experience, and their expert equipment. Your wedding day is a dynamic event in that things tend to move very quickly and you need someone who understands what is going to happen and when. Another amazing offering that we highly recommend is having a second shooter at your wedding. Your photographer cannot be in the more than one place at the same time, so that means there are a lot of very special moments being missed. With a second shooter, this will not be the case. Before we talk about how to find the right photographer for you, we want to mention one last thing. Do not let anyone convince you that you should try a non-professional to capture your wedding images. This is an absolute recipe for disaster. There is a very good reason that they call them professionals. So, to help you with your search throughout the Rochester area, we have provided a brief guide to help you in your journey to find the perfect professional for you and your special day.

Wedding photography has changed so much in the last 30 years. While many people were used to the same traditional poses, a creative side has taken over the industry to the point where you have different styles available to potential customers. Find out as much as you can about these styles. There is a lot of good reading material out there that defines what each one is. The more that you understand about these styles before you talk to any potential photographers, the better it will be for you. As you are reading up on these styles, try to figure out which one you like best. You want your story to be told in a way that pleases you. This research will also familiarize you with the vocabulary of photographers, terms like photojournalism, fashion, fine-art and more. When you feel that you have read up on all of the modern photographic trends, it is time to start your search and find the professional who will be best for you.

The Rochester area has hundreds of amazingly talented photographers. You can start your search in a number of places. You can look online, you ask ask your circle of contacts, or you can ask some of your wedding vendors that you have already booked. Once you have a nice list compiled, you will need to setup some interviews. Make sure that you ask them to bring their wedding portfolio with them. What kind of experience do they have? If they do not have experience, we suggest that you not even consider them..If they try and tell you that they have a lot of experience as a photographer but just not as a wedding photographer, then walk away because wedding photography is in a category by itself. A professional and experienced wedding photographer will know where to setup, when to be at certain places, and will know how to move amongst your guests, these aren't just things that come naturally just because someone knows how to set their aperture. You always want to try and find reviews of their work. Try typing their name into a Google search.

Also, make sure you are shown full wedding shoots. This will display their style. If you do not like the way they go about their business, it is time to move onto the next name on your list. Another issue that is not given much thought at times is whether a couple actually likes the personality of the photographer. Keep in mind that you want this to be a pleasant time for you. Ask about the option of a second shooter like we discussed earlier. They will more than likely show you a number of packages that you can choose from. Look for one that fits you. While we know that this seems like a long process to go through, we feel that the choice of the person who will be documenting the most important day in your life is worth it.

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