Wedding Videographer

We make no bones about it. if you do not hire a wedding videographer to capture the events of your big day, then you will always regret it. For some reason, a wedding videographer is one of the most underrated vendors that a couple can hire. But this perception is slowly changing as people see how awesome it is to have their own wedding movie. This hire is in no way an unnecessary expense. Think about it, this is your one chance to star in your own movie, in fact we could call you a celebrity for a day. And there is something very special indeed about seeing your story unfold on video. Remember, you can't be everywhere at once so having a video is your way of being able to see all of the events and activities that you missed while it was actually going on. Another fun part about videography is that you will get to see what was cut from the original footage. That's right, a really good videographer will be able to put together a bloopers video of sorts. But more priceless than any of these factors is the preservation of your special moments and of family members. So now that you see all of the amazing reasons to hire a professional videographer, your mission is to comb the Rochester area for the videographer who will be the perfect fit for you. How you go about doing that is covered in capsule form below.

So, as you start your search we must stress that you need a professional wedding videographer with an emphasis on the word professional. Your first step is to find a few quality candidates. Start by doing some online searching for videographers in the Rochester area. Check out wedding vendor sites. Ask your friends, family and coworkers if they have seen any amazing wedding videos that might be worth checking out. When you start looking at specific videographers' websites, make sure that the site itself is of a very high quality. As you peruse these sources, start making a working list of names that you would like to check out further. When you have 5 candidates, contact all of them and setup a job interview.

Become familiar with the various styles employed by videographers. As you gain knowledge in this area, try and determine which style is the one that you want. At your vendor interview, ask them to describe their style. Does this resonate with you? Make sure that they bring an entire unedited video of a wedding they captured to your meeting. Tell them what you like and dislike. How do they respond to your wishes and desires? Do they feel they could take your wants and tailor it to producing something that you would be happy with? Talk about the editing process and how you would be involved. You want to make sure that post-production work is one of their talents because if done well, you could have a very moving video on your hands. But keep in mind that it does take a lot of time if it is to be well done. How much will they cost? Look at their packages. Do you see one that really fits your needs and wants? Pay attention to how much coverage time is involved.

Talk for awhile about their experience. This is a must have. The last thing that you want is for a newbie to be capturing and editing your wedding. Look at some of their past finished work. Why did they get into the wedding business in the first place? Do they have a real passion for this kind of work. Ask about what kind of equipment they use. Look it up online and see if it is professional grade. Talk about how they handle audio. When all is said and done and you have a talented professional in your corner, you will be more than happy that you have an amazing wedding video to watch.

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