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Welcome to the new online home of Limo Rochester! More-so than some places that we know of, there are a wide variety of reasons to seek a limo or party bus in the Rochester, New York area. We're very happy to inform you that we have given people with all different needs their luxury transportation over the past few year and, if you ask around; our reputation is very good. That means that you can trust us to provide you with the best and most well-kept vehicles, the most responsible and experienced drivers and also the most helpful office staff.

Our mission from the very first moment we correspond with you is to make at least our part of your special event planning go as smoothly as possible. We believe in simplicity in business and that's why we are here at any hour to answer our phone lines and give you any information that you may need. Our belief is that "an informed client is a happier client". We give you an all-inclusive rate, are knowledgeable about nearly any destination that you may want to go to and also, all of our licensing and insurance-related paperwork is publicly available. Your comfort level - and not just in our elegant limousines - is crucially important to us.

Take a trip through our site and hopefully, you'll be completely in-the-know about the limo and party bus industry before you actually have to get on the phone. We have an open door policy on communication and feedback so please leave it at: Limo Rochester Contact Page. If there are questions that you have and it's more convenient to quickly read over some of the common questions for you than it is to call us at this moment, please click to: Limo Rochester Provides Answers to Commonly Asked Questions. And, if you'd like to get a better idea of where we send our limos to on a regular basis, check out our Service Area Page. We look forward to talking and planning with you!

What We Do

We provide world-class luxury transportation services in and around Rochester and far beyond. When you book with us, you can expect to get the star treatment!

  • We operate 24 hours per day
  • Our fleet is a cut above the rest!
  • A dedicated team of people
  • Service across the state
  • A variety of limos for all size groups
  • Our drivers know the area
  • Party Bus Service in Michigan
  • When you're ready to plan your event, give us a call and we'll get your transportation all set up! We'll get you the perfect vehicle at an affordable price - we know you're gonna be happy, so don't hesitate to reach out!


There's nothing we love more than serving the varied events that customers in our area bring to us. We do it all, from birthdays and anniversary celebrations to nights on the town and everything in between. It doesn't matter what milestones in life you are celebrating or what kind of style you have, we have a vehicle that is just ideal for you and that will make it all the more memorable. We're proud of the high quality transportation that we provide and we believe it's the very best way to add value onto your special evenings. Let's talk about just a few of our favorite events to serve in this area!

Pub Crawls are a major highlight of our business, the kind of nights that you just never forget. We have so many great bars, pubs, and clubs in our area that being able to visit more than just a couple of them in one night is just great! In your own vehicle, you have to concern yourself with who will be the designated driver and how to get to and from all your destinations. With us, you have a dedicated designated driver in the form of a professional chauffeur. Plus, you are allowed to drink on board all night long in between bars, 100 percent legally! And you know that you're going to get home in one piece. Whenever you want to hit up the bars and clubs, we're your guys!

Weddings are another exciting reason to do business with us. Our gleaming vehicles look stunning in wedding day photography and you can fit your whole bridal party in one vehicle instead of traveling in separate cars. You can spend additional time together, enjoying your big day and marking this milestone in your lives. You may want to watch some home movies of you and your beloved on our HDTVs or even listen to your favorite romantic songs on the high quality audio systems as you drive. We will provide you with wedding day decor for the vehicle as well as a bottle of champagne so that you can toast to your union!

Concerts are a real blast when you're with us. You don't have to concern yourself with navigation for the long ride there and back. You can relax and enjoy the ride just like your favorite VIP performers who travel in their upscale tour buses! You'll be dropped off at the door and picked right back up at the door, never having to worry about losing your vehicle in that sea of cars and SUVs. And you'll have plenty of room in the vehicle to bring back all your merchandise from the concert, whether it's rock shirts or a slew of tour books to bring back for your buddies. We've got you covered!

Wine tours are another great reason to give us a call! With so many great wineries and wine bars around here, why not pile into a vehicle with all your good friends and live it up for one exciting day? You may also want to do a night of bar hopping or even just visit a whole bunch of your favorite downtown restaurants. Whatever you want, the world is your oyster when you're with us! Give us a call whenever you're ready to roll!

The list goes on and on for what you could use a limousine or limo bus for. You have an event and we'll provide luxury transportation for it. These are just some of our more popular events. Check them out!

Limo Rochester

Pub Crawls

A fun-filled night of drinking

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One of the best days of your life

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Seeing your favorite performer live

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Wine Tours

A day of relaxation & drinking